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Cabin Plans:  
10x12 Cabin 120 sq.ft.
10x12 Cabin with loft 127 sq.ft.
12x16 Cabin 192 sq.ft.
12x16 Cabin with loft 225 sq.ft.
14x18 Cabin 252 sq.ft.
14x18 Cabin with loft 314 sq.ft.
16x20 Cabin 320 sq.ft.
16x20 Cabin with loft 414 sq.ft.
16x24 Cabin 384 sq.ft.
16x24 Cabin with loft 497 sq.ft.
18x24 Cabin 432 sq.ft.
18x24 Cabin with loft 576 sq.ft.
18x30 Cabin 540 sq.ft.
18x30 Cabin with loft 719 sq.ft.
20x26 Cabin 520 sq.ft.
20x26 Cabin with loft 695 sq.ft.
20x30 Cabin 600 sq.ft.
20x30 Cabin with loft 818 sq.ft.
24x32 Cabin 768 sq.ft.
24x32 Cabin with loft 1,056 sq.ft.
26x30 Cabin 780 sq.ft.
26x30 Cabin with loft 1,010sq.ft.
26x34 Cabin 884 sq.ft.
26x34 Cabin with loft 1,114 sq.ft.
30x32 Cabin 960 sq.ft.
30x32 Cabin with loft 1,267 sq.ft.
Classic Cabin Plans:  
Gardener 100 sq.ft.
Trapper 240 sq.ft.
Woodsman 314 sq.ft.
Kalispell 424 sq.ft.
Retreat 492 sq.ft.
Saskatoon 564 sq.ft.
Yaak 604 sq.ft.
Pearl 884 sq.ft.
Light House Chapel 960 sq.ft.
Gem 976 sq.ft.
Mountaineer 988 sq.ft.
Green Gables 998 sq.ft.

Meadowlark has provided hundreds of log cabins for every use imaginable from backyard garden storage to lake getaway and guest homes. The series of simplified cabins on the list on the left is a way for you to browse various sizes in a simple, affordable rectangular design, with both single level cabins, and those with a loft.

We recommend single level cabins up to 500 sq. ft. in size. When the size is greater than 500 sq. ft. on the main floor, the loft becomes more cost effecrtive, since a stairway can only be installed in cabins at least 20 feet wide. In addition to that, you will sacrifice too much main floor space with a stairway, so a loft makes more sense for larger cabins. We do not recommend using ladders to the loft, and lofts with ladders should be considered used for storage areas only.

Meadowlark is able to supply you with all the items you will need to re-assemble your log cabin onsite, should you choose to do it yourself. These materials include fasteners such as screws, gasket, pins, nails, as well as stain, varnish, chink products, and specialized tools such as sander/buffers and chink guns. Most Customers request that we ship all these items along with their log package which saves a considerable amount of time and money if you were to shop around for every single item you will need to set your logs.

The other option is to request an onsite re-assembly with Meadowlark's professional crew if you are building in Montana, North Dakota, or in Canada. For other areas, you can request and see if Amish Construction LLC is able to provide those services in your area.


Building the cabin


Woodworking has been in our family for generations, even before our forefathers came to America around 1730 and brought their cabin- building and timber construction skills with them. In 1976, we built our first flat on flat style log cabin.

Meadowlark's hand built log cabins are perfect for a weekend retreat, guest house, or a cozy home.

Energy efficiency is great because of our cabin log's high insulation values. Value and quality are assured with every log cabin hand made by our skilled craftsmen.

The Log Homes Council LHC GRADE STAMP on each log of your cabin assures you of the highest level of quality control available in a hand made cabin. You will receive a log grade certificate with your log cabin!

Green building is a part of every Meadowlark Log Cabin because we use ONLY logs that are from forest improvement practices.

Hand notching, hardwood dowels, and mortise and tenon joinery is used in the beams and support logs in every log cabin we produce.

We provide Log Railing, character logs, and other accessories to round out your log cabin experience. Give us a call!


Log Cabin NEWS/Information

The Annual Amish Auction in Libby, Montana, May 17, 2014, Saturday. Mark your calendar and tell your friends- the third Saturday in May.

View information, photos, and videos of past Auctions >>

The hard working people of our community, and Meadowlark Log Homes, co- host an annual Amish auction where you can buy all sorts of handmade Amish items such as quilts, furniture, food, sometimes horses and machinery, as well as various sizes Log Cabins and Log Homes. See our Amish Auction page.

In the early 1980s, the annual Amish auction our father helped pioneer was believed to be the world's only log home auction at that time. Part of the proceeds from each sale help support our local school.


Featured Log Cabin, Most Popular and Affordable Design:

The Green Gables a 998 square foot Amish Log Cabin by, Meadowlark Log Homes

The Green Gables is a beautiful 998 sq. At a perfect 24'x32', it's just right for a nice little get- away piece of property.

All Amish hand crafted logs make for stunning natural beauty, which helps to explain why many Customers continue to build this model- and these Customers rant and rave how stunningly happy they are about the cost and energy efficiency!

Yes- it actually works well for a small family home. Please contact us for more information!

View Floor Plan and Photos>>

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