What’s Included In Log Package?

Prices listed are the pre-assembled log package only. Some photos or videos may show other options, so the prices are based on the floor plan shown on the website.
Log Package Includes:
• All logs shown on the plan, the log structure fully pre-assembled and numbered, ready for shipment
• Floor Plans
• Steel rebar pins for log package
• Log Homes Council Log Grading Certificate
• Railing package as shown

What’s Not Included In Log Package?

• Custom Floor Plans
• Engineering/ permits (if required locally)
• Excavation/ foundation/ cement work
• Framing/ subfloors/ porch decks
• Log delivery/ unloading logs at site
• Onsite work/ General Contractor
• Re- assembly of logs/ loft floor/ roof
• Windows/ doors
• Plumbing/ electrical/ heating/ air conditioning
• Cabinets/ flooring/ frame wall covering/ trim
• Dishwasher/ sinks/ fixtures/ furniture/ furnishings
• Varnish/ stain/ chink

What’s The Total Cost Estimate Of a Completed Log Home?

Owner-Built Estimate:
If you are doing some or all re-assembly/ onsite work yourself, a reasonable total cost estimate is 3-4 times the log package price.
Do-it-yourself re-assembly and finish using example of $60,000 pre-assembled log package:
• Low estimate: 3x$60,000= $180,000 total cost
• High estimate: 4x$60,000= $240,000 total cost

Contractor-Built Estimate
If you hire Amish Construction and other contractors to provide the onsite re-assembly and finish work, a total cost estimate is 5-6 times the log package price.
Contractor re-assembly and finish using example of $60,000 pre-assembled log package:
• Low estimate: 5x$60,000= $300,000 total cost
• High estimate: 6x$60,000= $360,000 total cost

Another way of estimating total cost is use a low number of $180 per sq. ft. on simpler cabins and homes, and $225 as a high range for larger, more complex homes.
• Low example of 2000 sq. ft home x $180= $360,000 total cost
• High example of 2000 sq. ft. home x $225= $450,000 total cost

The above are estimates only. To achieve a more detailed and accurate total cost, you will first need a floor plan and a contractor to provide you with all the finished costs.
Pavilions and other structures have a different price estimate, so the above does not apply. You can request a quote by sending a contact form found on the page bottom of this website.