What’s Included In Log Package?

Prices listed are for the pre-assembled log package. Some photos or videos may show other options, so the prices are based on the floor plan shown on the website.
Log Package Includes:
• All logs shown on the plan, the log structure fully pre-assembled and numbered, ready for shipment
• Window and door frames for log wall openings, includes side, top and bottom frames for windows, side and top frames for doors, silicone based sealant for bottom of window frames, settling foam for top of windows/doors
*Frames are metal angle iron and wood frame construction
• Log screws, steel rebar pins, gasket, wood dowels
• Floor Plans
• Log Homes Council Log Grading Certificate
• Railing and posts as shown on plan

What’s Not Included In Log Package?

• Custom Floor Plans, Basement Floor Plans
• Engineering/ permits (if required locally)
• Excavation/ foundation/ cement work
• Framing/ subfloors/ porch decks
• Log delivery/ unloading logs at site
• Onsite work/ General Contractor
• Re-assembly of logs/ loft floor/ roof
• Adhesive, Foam Cans for Log Joints
• Windows/ doors
• Plumbing/ electrical/ heating/ air conditioning
• Cabinets/ flooring/ frame wall covering/ trim
• Dishwasher/ sinks/ fixtures/ furniture/ furnishings
• Varnish/ stain/ chink

What’s The Total Cost Estimate Of a Completed Log Home?

Owner-Built Estimate:
If you are doing some or all re-assembly/onsite work yourself, a reasonable total cost estimate is 2-3 times the log package price.
Do-it-yourself re-assembly and finish using example of $60,000 pre-assembled log package:
• Low estimate: 2x$60,000= $120,000 total cost
• High estimate: 3x$60,000= $180,000 total cost

Contractor-Built Estimate
If you hire Amish Construction and other contractors to provide the onsite re-assembly and finish work, a total cost estimate is 3-4 times the log package price.
Contractor re-assembly and finish using example of $60,000 pre-assembled log package:
• Low estimate: 3x$60,000= $180,000 total cost
• High estimate: 4x$60,000= $240,000 total cost

Another way of estimating total cost is use a low number of $250 per sq. ft. on simpler cabins and homes, and $550 as a high range for larger, more complex homes.
• Low example of 2000 sq. ft home x $250= $500,000 total cost
• High example of 2000 sq. ft. home x $550= $1,100,000 total cost

The above are estimates only. To achieve a more detailed and accurate total cost, you will first need a floor plan and a contractor to provide you with all the finished costs.
Pavilions and other structures have a different price estimate, so the above does not apply. You can request a quote by sending a contact form found on the page bottom of this website.