Meadowlark Log Homes
Meadowlark Log Homes

Amish Log Home Construction

Flat on Flat Log Construction:

Meadowlark Log homes is one of the most experienced companies using flat on flat log construction in the industry. We believe in this method because of its superior strength, stability, energy efficiency and economy of construction. Flat on flat logs can be stacked up from foundation to gables with excellent alignment; offering straight, level construction. Even short sections between windows or doors are solid, stable and shrink at the same rate throughout the house.

The Meadowlark Log Home Difference

Meadowlark logs are air dried before use, so shrinkage is minimized, and since there is less settling of logs, the overall shrinkage of the log wall is greatly reduced. Compared to other log walls, where only the outside edges of the scribed log contact the log below it, or chink style where the chinking provides the support, flat on flat log walls provide the best shear and buckling resistance available in a log home. They can therefore handle greater point loads and extreme forces from wind or earthquake.This exceptional stability allow Meadowlark Log Homes to easily build log walls all the way up the gable ends to the peak log.

Every Meadowlark Log Home is 100% log on exterior wall. Using these modern materials with the wide surface contact area of flat on flat construction creates one of the tightest, most energy efficient log home possible! A Meadowlark Log Home can be erected more quickly than most other construction styles, resulting in labor cost savings
The bottom line... A Meadowlark Log Home is Strong, Efficient, and among the best values in log homes today.