Meadowlark Log Homes
Meadowlark Log Homes

Energy Efficiency

Are Log Homes Energy Efficient?

Yes they are! With our flat on flat building system, insulation tape and chinking at each course and foam insulation at each joint, we have a well insulated wall. Check out our Construction Details page. Also, the Log Homes Council (LHC), of which we are members, and the British Columbia Log & Timber Building Association (LTBIA) have published documents proving the efficiency of log homes. To review them, here's the LHC paper and the LTBA paper.

To quote the LHC:

"Log homes have been shown to be a competitively energy efficient, durable, and environmentally useful alternative to traditional construction methods. Both consumers and the environment will benefit from the increasing recognition of log homes as green and energy efficient dwellings."
"The log home is an American construction concept with a significant history. Some of the oldest occupied structures in North America are log buildings, indicating their fundamental durability when properly designed and constructed. Modern manufacturing methods are bringing new technologies in making log homes increasingly energy efficient and durable..."

ICC 400-2012

The Montana Building Industry Association paper from 2009 references the ICC (International Code Council) 400 log home regulations shown here, which deals with energy efficiency in log homes:

"It addresses a variety of issues integral to log construction including production, structural aspects, thermal envelope, and settlement. This standard offers a solid reference for design, construction and installation requirements for log structures. This standard has been approved for reference in the 2012 International Codes." You can find a copy of the publication on Amazon here.

Roof Efficiency

Meadowlark Log Homes offers many roofing options, all of which are highly energy efficient. Our high energy efficient roof installations typically utilize spray-in foam or fiberglas insulation. Our most popular roofing material over roof framing and insulation is our metal roofing, which is long lasting and cost effective.
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