Meadowlark Log Homes
Meadowlark Log Homes

Amish Log Pavilions

Pavilions Over 1000 Sq. Ft.

Browse log pavilion plans over 1000 Sq. Ft. from Meadowlark Log Homes. Our large pavilions can take your outdoor space to a new level. Used by families for large gathering places, city parks, and commercial installations, the possibilities are unlimited!

22x44 Heritage Log Pavilion

Heritage Log Pavilion


Originally designed for parking a large RV, Meadowlark can customize height and length for your needs.

30x40 Meadowlark Log Pavilion

Meadowlark Log Pavilion


Used by our own Eagle Valley church, this pavilion is perfect for gatherings large and small.

32x48 Cornhusker Log Pavilion

Cornhusker Log Pavilion


A pavilion originally built as a family gathering space to enjoy year round for generations to come.

48x48 Giggles Log Pavilion

Giggles Log Pavilion


Designed for Giggles Campfire Grill at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, the possibilites of this pavilion are endless.

Memorial Amish Log Pavilion

Memorial Log Pavilion

3,968 sq. ft.

Designed for the city of Libby's Riverfront Park, this pavilion is used for events such as music festivals, weddings, and more.

Winter Springs Log Pavilion

Winter Springs Log Pavilion

3,968 sq. ft.

Originally built in Winter Springs, Florida, this pavilion is a park centerpiece for gatherings and general public use.