Meadowlark Log Homes
Meadowlark Log Homes

Onsite Re-Assembly

Services we provide:

Meadowlark Log Homes specializes in designing, quoting and constructing pre-assembled log home packages. We also offer re-assembly services available in several states in the US and Canada.

For onsite re-assembly of your log home package, we are licensed in Montana and North Dakota. For other areas, contact us to see if our affliliate company, Amish Constructionn LLC is able to provide the re-assembly service in your area. In Canada, your log home is normally re-assembled by our Canadian affiliate company, Amish Construction LTD. If you wish to build in an area where Meadowlark or Amish Construction is not able to provide onsite services, please contact us so we can assist you in finding a local licensed builder to provide the onsite work.

Basic Services

Here is a basic description of some of the services we can provide, depending on the area:

  • Complete Pre-assembled Logs- Only Home Packages
  • Basement framing/ Interior framing
  • Subfloor/ porch deck floor/ loft floor installation
  • T&G ceiling/ insulation, fascia and felt on roof (excluding the finished
    roofing product)
  • Windows and doors installation
  • Covered porch installation
  • Railing installation

Re-Assembly Details

Meadowlark Log Homes works with our customers to provide the best option for re-assembly and construction of their home.

  • Meadowlark Log Homes is a direct-sales-only company, which means that all our homes, Amish furniture and other products are sold through our one location at our office in Libby, Montana, or through our websites, without a middleman, communicating directly with each Customer which allows for the best level of Customer service. All log home information is on and all Amish furniture and other products are sold from our office or online store at
  • An average total cost for a completed Meadowlark Log Home can be from $250 to $600 per sq. ft. depending on the style and design. Another way to estimate your total cost is to take the prices you see on this website and multiply that by 6. Example: Log package $60,000 x 6= $360,000 for your total estimated cost. This figure can vary greatly because of many factors, including whether you and your family will do some or all of the onsite work or whether a builder will do it for you. Other factors that have an influence in your final costs are sales tax rates, (Montana has no sales tax) engineering requirements in your area, permit costs, your choice of finishes for floors, cabinets, lighting, roofing, etc.
  • Meadowlark provides the log package quote direct to Customer for all locations. The onsite re-assembly quotes are provided by Amish Construction, LLC. The Customer can choose their own builder for quoting and constructing the onsite portion of their home if they are trained and certified to build with our unique construction method. Please contact us and we may be able to assist you in finding a local builder for your re-assembly at your site.
  • We pre- assemble your handmade, hand-peeled log home or timber frame home package at our Libby, Montana plant to high standards of Amish craftsmanship, meeting or exceeding all national and international building codes. See Log Home Energy Efficiency.
  • Because of the high level of quality and inspections, Meadowlark is certified to ship our log homes and related products to Customers in other countries. For international Customers, a special LHC certificate of quality standards is provided for Customs and local building departments in the country of import.
  • All logs must pass through strict quality controls. First, each log is subjected to Meadowlark's own rigorous, in- house inspection. In addition, each log is grade stamped and certified according to LHC log grading standards. Each Customer receives their own LHC log certification report along with the shipment of the home. The pre-assembly system allows us to maintain strict quality control standards, assuring trouble- free re-assembly at your building site.