Meadowlark Log Homes
Meadowlark Log Homes

Our History

Timeline of Meadowlark Log Homes

Meadowlark Log Homes is a true Amish company with a deep roots in Amish values and community. Below is a brief history of our Amish roots and progression of our company from our first log cabin to our modern Amish handcrafted log homes today.

  • 4000 B.C. (est.)

    The Meadowlark songbird was created along with the rest of creation. He began singing and is still praising his Creator today.

  • Early 1700's:

    The Amish began migrating from Europe to America seeking freedom from religious persecution.

  • 1750- 1800's:

    The Amish built hundreds of large timber frame barns in eastern America to store their crops and shelter livestock. Most of them still stand today and are still in use.

  • 1850-1940:

    The Amish continued to spread out in many parts of the United States , also settling in Canada.

  • 1934:

    Our parents, Ora and Orpha were born in the large Amish community in LaGrange County , Indiana . Dad was in a family of 13 and Mom the oldest of 14.

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