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A Proud Amish Heritage

Below is a sampling of some of the Amish log homes we have proudly built in the past. If you would like to learn more about any of these homes or discuss a similar floor plan that interests you, please   contact us.

Meadowlark's First Log Cabin
1976- A year after our family moved to Montana from Indiana, Ervin 16, and Lloyd 14, built our first log cabin.
Approx. 240 sq. ft., 12'x20'
Solar Lodge Amish Log Home
1981- The Solar Lodge, a log home built with large windows to let in natural light.
Approx. 1900 sq. ft.
Glacier Park Amish Log Home
1984- The Glacier was hand- built without the use of a crane. All the beams were lifted with old methods of block and tackle.
Approx. 2200 sq. ft.
Peaceful Lodge Amish Log Home
1992- We built the Peaceful Lodge for the Japanese in Eureka, Montana, with 10 bedrooms and a massive great room.
Approx. 7000 sq. ft.
Silver Butte Amish Log Home
1993- The Silver Butte, a log home tucked away back in the trees on top of a little knoll in a remote Montana setting.
Approx. 1800 sq. ft. w/700 sq. ft. garage.
Majestic Valley Arena
2001- The Majestic Valley Arena is an Expo Center in Kalispell, Montana. Our crews built the giant entry roof and log work surrounding the foyer.
Grandpa's Amish Log Homestead
Grandpa's Homestead with Amish Barn, Gardens, and Log Home.
Approx. 2400 sq. ft.
Dream Castle Amish Log Home
Dream Castle was hand built with two log towers and a dance floor above the garage.
Approx. 6000 sq. ft. w1200 sq. ft. garage
Oxford Amish Log Home
A 3- story circular log tower sets the Oxford apart.
Approx. 3500 sq. ft., and 1500 sq. ft. garage
Going to the Sun Amish Log Home
The Going-To-The-Sun incorporates unique swept corners, saddle notch, flat on flat logs and Swiss- type full log gables.
Approx. 1700 sq. ft.
Wilderness Log Home
The Wilderness has an inviting entry of timber frame, and a Medievel stone framed wooden door.
Approx. 2500 sq. ft. w/800 sq. ft. garage
Hidden Lake Amish Log Home
The Hidden Lake has two separate living areas, left and right, and a hot tub in the open center upstairs.
Approx. 4000 sq. ft.
Milk River Montana Amish Log Home
The Milk River- A classic, beautifully designed log home with many special features like the glass room.
Approx. 6000 sq. ft. w/1400 sq. ft. garage
Flathead Lake Montana Amish Log Home
The Flathead Lake is in Polson, Montana, just a stone's throw from Flathead Lake, Montana's largest lake.
Approx. 2000 sq. ft. w/1000 sq. ft. garage
Lost Prairie Montana Amish Log Home
The Lost Prairie was built near Island Lake, Montana, featuring a log tower with an intricate array of decks.