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Annual Amish Auction

NEXT AUCTION: May 19, 2018

The Auction starts at 9:00 AM on the Third Saturday in May.
Come join us in the beautiful Eagle Valley! The Amish Auction is a fun, family friendly experience.
Some people come for the food and friendship. Many come to find a bargain and some come just to hear the livley auctioneers and witness the excitement of large and small items being sold to the happy bidders!
Items for sale at auction include: Amish handcrafted log homes, log cabins, log pavilions, log pergolas, quilts, rugs, handcrafts, wood indoor and outdoor furniture and more.
Food includes: Amish baked goods, charcoal-roasted barbecue chicken, homemade pies, ice cream and more.
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Auction Location

Meadowlark Log Homes
50 Meadowlark Ln.
Libby, MT 59923

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2016 Amish Auction in Libby MT

Thank you to all who attended, participated and bid in the the 2016 auction! If you missed out on the food, fun and excitement, we invite you to watch the video below. We hope to see you next year!

Watch the highlights of the 2016 Amish Auction.

2016 Amish Auction in Libby Montana

These Meadowlark Log Homes pre-assembled log structures sold to the highest bidders on the Saturday May 21, 2016 Auction:

2015 Amish Auction in Libby MT

Our 2015 Amish Auction was the most successful ever with hundreds of people bidding on Amish handcrafted furniture, quilts, furniture, crafts, log homes and more. Everyone who attended had a great time and enjoyed good food, fun and some were lucky enough to score a great deal on log home packages!
Most bidders save 15% to 25% off retail prices on log home packages.

These log buildings sold at auction to the highest bidder at the 2015 auction:

Highlights from our previous auctions:

  • Auction Archives 2014 +

    2014 Amish Auction in Libby, MT

    On the third Saturday in May 2014, hundreds of people enjoyed the excitement while handcrafted Amish log buildings, furniture, quilts, rugs and more were sold to the highest bidder. It was a nice sunny warm day and folks came from places like Alberta, Pennsylvania and even from France! It was our best Auction ever with three very skilled auctioneers who did an impressive performance. We say thank you to all our handcrafters, vendors, adults and children who brought an outstanding variety of high quality items. We heartily thank every one of our enthusiastic bidders who make this Auction possible.

    2014 Video Archives

    Amish Quilt and Rugs Auction Video
    Amish Quilt and Rug Auction Video

    Handcrafted furniture, quilts, rugs and many other Amish handcraft items were auctioned to the highest bidder. Some of the most exciting auctions were the pre-assembled log packages including the 28'x42' Meadowlark Rancher Log Home, the 10'x10' Log Cabin, the 18'x24' Log Cabin and the 20'x26' Log Pavilion.

  • Auction Archives 2013 +

    2013 Amish Auction in Libby, MT

    On the third Saturday of May 2013, Meadowlark Log Homes, our local Eagle Valley School, and the surrounding community hosted our Annual Auction. Once again, many vendors brought a variety of goods to sell; handmade furniture, crafts, tools, household items, and other miscellaneous things. Amish ladies from as many as eight communities across the country sent us their amazing hand stitched quilts and wall hangings, and also floor rugs and other woven items. A small portion of all sales goes to our school, and our awesome creative craftsmen and women (and children) are able to be rewarded as well. Without them of course we could not have the auction, and we extend a thank you to them all.

    You should come to experience the charcoal roasted barbecue chicken that our father Ora Miller, age 78, grills for the Auction; we think it doesn't get much better. (he actually has a secret sauce recipe) You will also enjoy the variety of Amish style foods and baked items.

    While all the quilts sold for a good price, we were most pleased at our mother's quilt- it sold as the highest of the day at $1,150!
    Orpha Miller
    Our mother Orpha Miller, age 78, with her 2013 quilt.
    2013 Amish Auction in Libby, MT

    Meadowlark sold 2 log homes and one log Pavilion. (see photos below)
    2013 Amish Auction in Libby, MT

    THANKS TO 2013 LOG HOME BIDDERS! We appreciate it if you spread the word and bring friends and family to our Auction next year!

  • Auction Archives 2012 +

    2012 Amish Auction in Libby, MT

    View images from the day before the auction!

    On the third Saturday of May 2012, we extend a thank you to the hundreds who came this year. We had our largest crowd, and the largest selection of Furniture, Antiques, Crafts, Quilts, Rugs, Wall Hangings, Tools, and Many More Quality Items. Thank you to the amazing creative folks who handmade a huge variety of goods and many vendors who brought products to sell. And thank you to the buyers of 2 log homes, 1 log cabin, and a log pavilion. The log homes, cabin, and pavilion shown above all sold to the highest bidders on the third Saturday of May 2012 at our annual Eagle Valley Community Auction which is sponsored by Meadowlark Log Homes and community, and supported by people from our surrounding area and other communities with handmade goods and products.

    2012 Video Archives

    Click the icons to view the videos.

    2012 Amish Auction Video
    2012 Amish Auction Video
    2012 Amish Auction Video
    2012 Amish Auction Video
    2012 Amish Auction Video
    2012 Amish Auction Video
    2012 Amish Auction Video
    2012 Amish Auction Video
    2012 Amish Auction Video
    2012 Amish Auction Video

    The log homes, log cabin, and log pavilion described below were sold:

    1. 14'x16' Log Cabin with Loft- 314 sq. ft. main and loft.
    2. 20'x30' Pearl Log Home with log shed dormer in Loft, 884 sq. ft. main and loft.6'x30' covered porch 180 sq. ft.
    3. 26'x32' Green Gables Log Home with 3/4 Loft, Main floor 832, Loft 414, 1246 TOTAL sq. ft. main and loft. This home is just like the Green Gables with extended loft except it is 2' wider- plus it has 8' front covered porch with Sunburst in addition to the 6x32 side covered porch. Total covered porch area: 448 sq. ft.
    4. 16'x20' Log Pavilion 320 sq. ft.
    *The Green Gables was sold to an absentee, call- in bidder. Thank you!
  • Auction Archives 2011 +

    2011 Amish Auction in Libby, MT

    On the third Saturday of May 2011, 6 log homes, log pavilions, and log cabins listed below were sold to the highest bidders at our Annual Eagle Valley Community Auction. In addition, hundreds of other items were sold, including handcrafted furniture, quilts, antiques, machinery, lots of food and even farm animals.

    • 26'x34' Eureka 1179 sq. ft.
    • 20'x22' Retreat 556 sq. ft.
    • 8'x15' Log Cabin 120 sq. ft.
    • 14'x19' Log Cabin Schoolhouse 266 sq. ft.
    • 20'x24' Log Pavilion 480 sq. ft.
    • 16'x24' Log Pavilion 384 sq. ft.

    Thank you to all the 2011 bidders!

  • Auction Archives 2010 +

    2010 Amish Auction in Libby, MT

    On the third Saturday of May, 2010, a great time was had by all at the Eagle Valley Amish Auction in Libby, MT. 5 Log Homes, several cabins and pavilion were all sold to the highest bidders, including items listed below:

    • 600 sq. ft.- 20x30 Log Home, single level
    • 984 sq. ft.- 22x30 Log Home, 1/2 loft
    • 1344 sq. ft.- 28x32 Log Home, 1/2 loft
    • 252 sq. ft.- 14x18 Log Cabin | 252 sq. ft.- 14x18 Log Pavilion
    • Storage barns
    • Quilts
    • Crafts
    • Handmade Furniture
    • Many other items

    Food offered at the 2010 Auction:

    • Ora's Incredible, Secret Recipe Barbecue Chicken, Open Pit, Charcoal- Roasted
    • Amish style foods include mashed potatoes, gravy, cole slaw, and more!
    • Homemade Pie and other desserts
    • Old fashioned, slow churned, Real ice cream- cranked while you watch!
    • Children's Lemonade Stand!
    • Drinks and Snacks
  • Auction Archives 2009 +

    2009 Amish Auction in Libby, MT

    On the third Saturday of May 2009, folks had a great time at the Annual Amish Auction, enjoying the Amish cooking, fellowship, vendor booths, and chance to bid on the many handcrafted items, sold to the highest bidder with very lively auctioneering!
    This is a fun event for the entire family that is not to be missed!

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